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Security - SSO

Seamless userintegration

Work with your existing identity provider
via OpenId Connect or LDAP.

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Prevent bad actors from
getting into your Apache Kafka

SSO from Conduktor gives you a single source of truth for who has access to
your Kafka infrastructure.

  • Feature
    Support for common protocols

    Works with LDAP and OpenId

  • Feature
    Instant user setup

    Add and remove users to your organization in seconds

  • Feature
    Combines with RBAC

    Get SSO and RBAC together for ultimate administrator control

Centralized control for user access

Single-Sign On for the Conduktor Platform gives complete control over who can access your Kafka ecosystem while maintaining security standards.

  • Works with LDAP and OpenId protocols

  • Maintain within your IdP who is allowed access to Conduktor


Works with
Conduktor's ironclad

Add topic-level RBAC to the platform's single-sign on and full auditing features to get the most secure Kafka ecosystem possible.

  • Connect roles to existing identities for seamless setup

  • Track actions by role within audit logs


Simplify new and
departing users

Administrators can easily add - or remove - users from teams and organizations, utilizing common identities.

  • Instantly remove unnecessary users from a central control panel

  • No passwords and no need for individual setup


Keep your Kafka accounts safe with

the Conduktor Platform

Add security to your Kafka operations, testing, monitoring, and governance.
Only the Conduktor Platform provides the complete Kafka experience.

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