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Learn Apache Kafka at Every Level

Learn Apache Kafka at your own pace with lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced users

  • Understanding Kafka

    11 lessons introducing you to Apache Kafka and the core concepts and components that make Kafka tick. This is the perfect place for beginners to start their journey.

  • Practice Using Kafka

    A series of intermediate lessons covering practical topics such as starting Kafka with different systems, using the CLI and programming tutorials.

  • Next Level Kafka

    A range of 24 advanced lessons covering everything from Kafka topic internals to advertised host settings. Ideal for those who want to take their Kafka skills to the next level.


About the Author

Stephane Maarek is the best-selling Apache Kafka teacher on Udemy and a co-founder at Conduktor, where he is helping to build tools that truly unleash the power of Apache Kafka. As part of Conduktor's mission to bring the full potential of Apache Kafka to dev teams everywhere, Stephane has published all of the content from his hugely popular Apache Kafka for Beginners course here on Conduktor Kafkademy, absolutely free.

Stephane MaarekStephane Maarek

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  • About Apache Kafka

    When it comes to data event streaming, Apache Kafka is the de facto standard. It is an open-source distributed system consisting of servers and clients. Apache Kafka is used primarily to build real-time data streaming pipelines.

    Apache Kafka is used by thousands of the world's leading organisations for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration and many other vital applications.

    This innovative technology is becoming increasingly important in the age of big data. Many of the large tech platform that you use everyday have Apache Kafka at their core. A solid understanding of this tech is an extremely valuable asset for any professional looking to further their career in large data-driven organisations

  • About Conduktor

    At Conduktor, our aim is to help organizations take the next step in their data streaming journeys. The Conduktor Platform is a complete, end-to-end solution for Kafka development, encompassing Kafka management, testing, monitoring, data quality, and data governance.

    Conduktor Kafkademy is part of our mission to make Apache Kafka accessible to dev teams everywhere and to provide easy access to the resources needed to accelerate your data streaming journey.

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