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Empower your team with our enterprise Apache Kafka platform.

We created Conduktor, the all-in-one friendly interface to work with the Apache Kafka ecosystem. Develop and manage Apache Kafka with confidence.

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Conduktor DevTools

With Conduktor DevTools, the all-in-one Apache Kafka desktop client. Develop and manage Apache Kafka with confidence, and save time for your entire team.

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Conduktor Platform

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A few reasons to use Conduktor

Save time and empower 
your team

Apache Kafka is hard to learn and to use. Made by Kafka lovers, Conduktor best-in-class user experience is loved by developers.

Works on any Apache Kafka cluster

Confluent Cloud, Aiven, Amazon MSK Schema Registry, Kafka Connect PLAINTEXT, SSL, SASL…


Our roadmap is influenced by customers. All 60,000 of them. If you need a feature, send us an email and we'll do our best to include it.

Features overview

Our customers love us

I can honestly share that I am pleased with how easy Conduktor made my team's work. I have people from junior to senior level developers, as well as automation QAs and manual QAs. This saved me a lot of time and efforts and made our testing and support on production a lot easier, especially in critical moments during the nights.

Monika Hristova - R&D Team Leader @ DraftKings

This tool is a must have for anyone dealing with Apache Kafka. It's easy to use and provide lots of facilities to operate a Kafka cluster. Conduktor updates are regular. This tool greatly improves the efficiency of the team.

Erwan Géréec - Tech Lead @ Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
Alcatel Lucent

It makes the lives of our developers better due to the overall visibility of the kafka clusters. Gives our developers full visibility of the kafka workloads enabling them to deliver faster.

Mario Mazo - CloudOps @ Takeaway

Conduktor is amazing! One of those rare 10x tools. It cleverly hides Kafka powers under thoughtful UI.

Ilya Berdichevsky - Lead Data Engineer @ Storyblocks

Kafka is at the heart of our technology stack, and Conduktor is an integral part of that. From the development stages all the way up through operating in production, Conduktor gives our engineers the tools they need to build, operate, diagnose, and extend our Kafka-based workloads with ease.

Greg Shackles - VP of Technology @ Olo

Supported by an extraordinary community

+100K downloads, thousands of messages from our users worldwide!
René Kerner 🚀@rk3rn3r

You're looking for an awesome tool to get insights into your @apachekafka cluster, manage brokers and topics, etc? Have a look at @getconduktor. It's awesome and it's free during beta.

2:48 PM · 28 Jul 2019
Mr. Turner@mitchelldturner

Anyone working with #kafka should give @getconduktor a spin. If you are worried about #support, this example of 33 minutes from error to solution should help calm your fears :)

11:02 PM · 10 Feb 2020
Peter Lyons@focusaurus

If you work with kafka, check out @getconduktor. Really slick GUI and they have been adding features at a super rapid pace. My favorite feature is jq DSL projections of JSON messages.

10:57 PM · 9 Dec 2019
Cedric Sadai@yeahscience

It’s quite fascinating how @getconduktor empowers a humble business user like myself to deep dive into Kafka. Should be on every Product Manager desktop. #kafka

4:04 PM · 7 Dec 2019
Rob Hoeting@RobHoeting

I downloaded and ran @getconduktor today. This tool is amazing. If you work with @apachekafka you NEED this tool. Great work!

4:00 AM · 31 Jan 2020

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