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Conduktor enables organizations to improve productivity and unlock business value.

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Trusted by more than 100,000 kafka developers worldwide

One platform, for your entire Kafka Ecosystem

The most complete platform for unlocking the potential of teams that work with streaming data.

Conduktor Platform


A powerful and flexible user interface for managing Apache Kafka. Handle your day-to-day tasks with ease, find exactly what you're looking for, and fix issues quickly.

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Improve the way you use Apache Kafka. Build visual tests that everyone can understand, find weaknesses in your ecosystem, and configure Kafka for maximum efficiency.

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Get constant oversight of your Kafka ecosystem with opinionated metrics that make sense to everyone. Receive instant alerts for anything that goes wrong.

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Ensure that your entire team is using Kafka properly and effectively. Setup topic rules and enforce them across an organization. Slash your clusters and storage costs with a single API call.

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Take control of your Kafka infrastructure with enterprise-grade security. Create roles and assign team members instantly. Track every action with audit logs. And encrypt all your messages, end-to-end.

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Loved by teams everywhere

Hear from organizations already using Conduktor to take the next step in their data streaming journey


This tool is a must have for anyone dealing with Apache Kafka. It's easy to use and provide lots of facilities to operate a Kafka cluster. Conduktor updates are regular. This tool greatly improves the efficiency of the team.”

Erwan GéréecTech Lead

“It makes the lives of our developers better due to the overall visibility of the kafka clusters. Gives our developers full visibility of the kafka workloads enabling them to deliver faster.”

Mario MazoCloudOps

“Conduktor is amazing! One of those rare 10x tools. It cleverly hides Kafka powers under thoughtful UI.”

Ilya BerdichevskyLead Data Engineer

“Kafka is at the heart of our technology stack, and Conduktor is an integral part of that. From the development stages all the way up through operating in production, Conduktor gives our engineers the tools they need to build, operate, diagnose, and extend our Kafka-based workloads with ease.”

Rea MaorCTO & Co-Founder

“Conduktor is the window into the new system. Change Data Capture and Event Sourcing can be really complicated patterns. Conduktor makes it possible to implement these patterns with good visibility.

Davin SmithManaging Director of Software Platforms

“Once we discovered Conduktor, our lives became a whole lot easier. Once someone adopts the platform, it becomes their go-to tool and Kafka becomes available to everyone, not just those with Kafka experience. Everyone should use Conduktor so that they can fully utilize Kafka functionalities.

Greg ShacklesVP of Technology
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Take the next step in yourData Streaming journey

Conduktor enables organizations to improve productivity and unlock business value

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