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Conduktor is the ultimate 
Apache Kafka Desktop Client. 

Meet Conduktor.

Beautiful UI, works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. 

No setup required, no frills. Works with any cluster.
Say goodbye to your CLI!

Built for developers, administrators & support teams

Desktop Application

Conduktor is a desktop application that works on all operating systems. 
Mac OS X, Windows & Linux

100% Secure

Conduktor works with any cluster and any Kafka security. Credentials are not shared or exposed to all your users. 

Ad-HOC monitoring

Conduktor integrates via JMX directly with your cluster to allow you to quickly retrieve any metric of particular interest in Kafka

Complex Operations

Empower your teams with complex operations. Rebalance your cluster, add topics, restart your cluster, and more!


Unlike traditional web based monitoring tools, Conduktor does not require you to set anything up on your Kafka cluster

(M)Any Cluster

On-premise Kafka, managed Kafka, Confluent Kafka, HDP Kafka, any Kafka! Conduktor works with all of them

Top features

Consumer Groups Lags, Cluster Management , Rolling Restart, Producer, Consumer, Topic Management, Kafka Connect, Avro Schema Registry, and much more...
Cluster Overview
High level overview of your cluster, intuitive graphs, perform operations such as broker rolling restart, partitions rebalancing
Consumer Groups
Find dead or lagging consumer groups, reset consumer offsets, visualize throughputs
REusable producer & Consumer
Quickly test your applications with independent windows for consuming from and producing to Kafka
Avro Schema registry
Manage your Avro schemas, records, look at their evolutions: understand the data
Multi Kafka Connect SUPport
Using Kafka Connect to forward data to Kafka or the other way around? We support clusters using multiple Kafka Connects. Easily create and update connectors using a wizard.

MADE by Kafka lovers

We created Conduktor to save ourselves some time while performing our regular Kafka administration and development tasks, and we couldn't find one tool answering all our needs.
We hope to save you some time and frustration too by adopting Conduktor.