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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can't find the
answer you're looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

  • Can I evaluate Conduktor Platform for free?

    Yes. We offer multiple solutions to evaluate Conduktor Platform.

    First, choose between Docker or web app.

    Second, choose if you want to connect your Kafka cluster or use the one we provide as demonstration. You have full access to our documentation.

    Finally, you decide: you can evaluate on your own or our Team can assist. Let us know.

  • What's included in the customer success activities?

    Included in the Conduktor Platform Enterprise subscription, our Customer Success team is here to support your team.

    It starts with the onboarding meeting, making sure that installation and configuration are done correctly & that all the users can get access to the Platform.

    We explain the best way to submit your support requests, get access to documentation, and to our eLearning content.

    We can plan quarterly meetings to review your adoption, update your requirements, and share an overview of new solutions. The customer success team is also available for product overviews and deep dive sessions.

  • I'm a Conduktor Desktop customer. What are the options for me?

    Don't worry, Conduktor Desktop is still there and every customer can decide to renew their current subscriptions as we continue to support this product.

    Also, we provide several ways to evaluate your options. You can convert to Conduktor Platform, get a free trial, arrange a demo, or try our demo environment.

  • I am a reseller buying on behalf of another company

    Resellers are able to buy our Enterprise subscription to Conduktor Platform. Due to the nature of our subscriptions, we need to identify the end user entity to be reflected as the end user while having the reseller as the billing entity.

    As per our EULA, one subscription is restricted to one end user and cannot be shared or transferred during the term.

  • How does Conduktor Cloud differ from the 'Self-Managed' version of Conduktor?

    Conduktor Cloud offers the same capabilities, including all our solutions, scalability, and resiliency available in our self-managed software, but without having to worry about installation or cluster administration.

  • What services are provided in the Conduktor Cloud?

    Conduktor automatically provisions infrastructure, deploys and configures cluster software, maintains availability, provides scalability, performs backups, and handles software upgrades including Conduktor, operating system, and system software.