Licenses for you and your team

14 days trial no credit card required always free for one broker



Individual License


  • 1 Kafka Broker
  • Full Feature Set
  • Great for local development & POC



Per Year, Before Tax

Individual License

Purchase License

  • Full Feature Set
  • Unlimited Brokers
  • Unlimited Clusters



Per Year, Before Tax

Individual License

Purchase License

  • Full Feature Set
  • Unlimited Brokers
  • Unlimited Clusters
  • Basic Support


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Team License

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  • Dynamic number of users & licenses
  • All Features from Professional
  • Configuration backup & sharing (coming soon)
  • Priority Support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I evaluate Conduktor for free?

    Yes! You can evaluate Conduktor Professional for 14-days.

    The trial period is activated as soon as you create an account with Conduktor Desktop.

    After the trial period, you can still use Conduktor on the free tier (all features for clusters of one broker), or you can go ahead and purchase a yearly license.

  • How long is the license valid for?

    The Developer and Professional Licenses are valid for a full year (365 days).

    The Enterprise License can last up to 3 years.

    While on a license, you will get all Conduktor updates free of charge.

  • What sort of support do you provide?

    We aim to help people with every level of licenses, but we are giving priority support to our Enterprise and Professional users.

    Please note support includes only features related to Conduktor desktop.

    Valid support requests include:

    • issue with license
    • Conduktor usage question
    • Conduktor bug
    • Feature requests

    We cannot help you with the following items:

    • Connecting to your Kafka clusters (besides what’s in our documentation)
    • Setting up or troubleshooting Kafka Security
    • Question about Apache Kafka usage in general

    Please note we currently are not able to provide SLA for support, as we are two very busy humans. We still generally answer any support ticket within three business days (and often much less). Rest assured are working on scaling up our teams to have a dedicated support resource.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    No, we do not offer refunds. We are instead giving our users the chance to evaluate Conduktor for free for 14 days, to evaluate if Conduktor fits your needs.

  • Do you charge taxes?

    This section is particularily relevant if you live in Europe

    If you are part of a country that includes a sales tax (usually a VAT - value added tax), such as countries in Europe, we are legally required to collect and remit VAT.

    If you are in possession of a VAT number, you can enter it in order to eliminate the tax charge.

    If you are a company on Enterprise support and you provide us with a VAT number, we will not charge taxes.

Still have licensing questions?

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