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Governance - Multi-tenancy

Reduce your infrastructure costsusing multi-tenancy

Conduktor's multi-tenancy solution for Apache Kafka enables you to handle all your cluster needs on a single Apache Kafka.

Every environment needs its own Kafka cluster ... not anymore

Conduktor enables multi-tenancy for Kafka, letting a single Apache Kafka run as many clusters as you want

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    Reduce infrastructure costs

    A single Kafka cluster can host many virtual clusters

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    Fresh new clusters in seconds

    One API call gives you a fresh new cluster with no extra cost

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    Simple installation

    Get up and running in hours with our multi-tenancy features

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    No more magic

    No need for complex topic names to identify applications or teams. No complex ACL rules. We isolate each user into their own virtual cluster

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    Less ops involved

    No more need to synchronize with ops to setup new machines, and they can still maintain governance over what is created and deleted

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    Perfect isolation

    Isolated and centralized resources for as many tenants as necessary. No need for name spaces or complex deployments.

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How does it look?

Let's walkthrough some of the magic

  • Create tenant

    A single API call is all you need to spin up multiple clusters on a single Apache Kafka

    OSX Dots$ curl --request POST http://conduktor-platform/london $ curl --request POST http://conduktor-platform/paris
  • Create topics

    Interact with Kafka topics on each cluster just as you always would, with no restrictions. Use any Kafka client you want!

    OSX Dots$ kafka-topics --bootstrap-server multi-tenant:9092 --command-config --create --partitions 1 --replication-factor 1 --topic jack-topic Created topic jack-topic
    OSX Dots$ kafka-topics --bootstrap-server multi-tenant:9092 --command-config --create --partitions 1 --replication-factor 1 --topic marie-topic Created topic marie-topic
  • Cluster isolation

    The London and Paris clusters are isolated from one another. All that's left is to start using them

    OSX Dots$ kafka-topics --bootstrap-server multi-tenant:9092 --command-config --list jack-topic
    OSX Dots$ kafka-topics --bootstrap-server multi-tenant:9092 --command-config --list marie-topic

Multi-tenancy saves on costs andsimplifies operations

To see everything we can throw at your Kafka, arrange a demo