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Governance - Data Masking

Respect complianceregulations

Obfuscate important data across your Kafka system.

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Data regulations can limit Apache Kafka

You cannot ignore the requirement to protect sensitive information, but with Data Masking you won't need to choose between compliance and speed.

  • Feature
    Protect PII

    Handle your customers sensitive data in a safe, responsible manner.

  • Feature
    Centralized Controls

    Manage your entire organization from one place to ensure masking is applied everywhere.

  • Feature
    Ready for compliance regulation

    Comply with regional data protection regulations such as GDPR & CCPA.

Comply with PII

Data Protection has become one of the most onerous compliance requirements around the world, but it's easy to achieve compliance in Kafka thanks to Conduktor.

  • Quickly mask important data so that anyone can access Kafka

  • Start meeting the requirements of GDPR, CCPA, PIPL, and every other acronym you can think of


Simple setup

Like every part of the Conduktor Platform, Data Masking can be setup in moments, with no advanced knowledge or complicated processes.

  • Instand, field-based masking

  • Get your team ready to collaborate in minutes, not days


centralized control

Maintain your levels of compliance and understanding of your current security with a central control panel that gives you complete oversight for your masking activity.

  • See your current protections at a glance

  • Ensure that masking is being applied across your ecosystem


Take back control of data protection.

Start using the Conduktor Platform today

There are many ways to manage and maintain your Kafka ecosystem but few offer
effective security and compliance. Conduktor makes it easy.

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