Updates in Conduktor 1.8.0!

New certificate and cluster management! ✨
December 16th, 2022

We have released version 1.8.0 of Conduktor. This version brings a new certificate management mechanism for Kafka, Kafka Connect and Schema Registry connections. It also brings a large number of new events to the audit log. See the docs for a complete list of audit events.


Enhanced cluster configuration screens with auth helpers in Admin


Upload certificates to support SSL cluster configurations


Create Run Configurations in Testing for CI/CD executions

Features ✨

  • Platform

    • Add ldapsearch tool to debug LDAP connections
  • Console

    • Improve the UX when there are no clusters configured or when the cluster is unreachable
    • Schema Registry - Schema details: new "Structure" tab displaying the structure of the Schema (only Avro is supported for now)
    • Consumer Groups: You can now create new Consumer Groups from the Consumer Groups page
    • New Audit Log events for Topics,Schema Registry,Consumer Groups and Connectors
  • Admin

    • Organization wide certificates management - See Docs
    • Cluster Configuration improvements
      • Add the TLS auto discovery on the schema registry and kafka connectors
      • Upload certificate ability if the TLS is discovered
      • UI improvements for easier auth configuration with SASL, SSL and AWS IAM connections
      • The authentication test now considers the "ignore untrusted certificate flag"
      • The authentication test displays the error message in a panel.
  • Monitoring

    • New UI graphing library being used with more detailed data point tracing (tooltip)
  • Topic as a Service

    • Applications
      • Access requests tab: You can now inspect if you have any topic access requests pending
      • When you have pending requests - it will be indicated in the application list and in the "Access requests" tab
      • Subscribed applications tab: you can now inspect which application has access to your application resources [by environment/by resource]
  • Testing

    • New way to integrate into CI, through a Run Configuration that you can update in the UI - See Docs
    • When creating a run configuration, we now provide helpers for major CI/CD platforms (Github Action, Circle CI, Gitlab, Jenkins)

Fix 🔨

  • Platform

    • Ignore SSL validation is now working for LDAPS connections when setting sso.ignoreUntrustedCertificate: true
  • Console

    • Performance improvements
    • Kafka Connect: fix the metadata displayed
    • Consumer Groups: display correctly newly created Consumer Groups
    • Consumer Group View: Fix the sort on "Overall lag" column
    • Schema Registry - Subjects list: We now display a "⚠️" icon when a Subject has an issue instead
  • Data masking

    • Fixed caching issues
  • Monitoring

    • Fix rendering for topic analysis metrics
  • Testing

    • Fix missing Testing audit log events
    • Allow overriding Content-type in HTTP headers
    • Ignore orphan tasks
    • Updated docs links to point to the new documentation site
  • Topic as a service

    • Fix 'External topic access' table behavior