Updates in Conduktor 1.6.0!

New documentation site ✨, ACLs explorer, LDAPS support and more enhancements in the latest version of Conduktor
November 28th, 2022

We have released version 1.6.0 of Conduktor. This version brings support for LDAPS, which can be understood here via our new documentation site.


Features ✨

  • Platform

  • Console

    • New "ACL" page listing for all the ACLs of your Cluster (read-only for now)
    • Topics: You can now add new partitions to a topic
    • Topics list table: We removed the replication factor column from the table
    • Topics list table: We changed how we truncate long topic names
      • We're now, by default, truncating the beginning of long topic names
      • There's a new option in the table menu to switch to the previous behaviour (whereby we were truncating the end of long topic names)
  • Monitoring

    • It's now possible to copy/paste any link and share them
  • Admin

    • Add the TLS check on the cluster's bootstrap servers

Fix 🔨

  • Platform

    • Remove unused configuration fields (auth.local-users[].groups and slack-token )
  • Console

    • The "details" part of an error message was not scrollable
    • Create Topic form: when an error was happening, the error was not always displayed in the UI
    • Create Connector form: The error message displayed was not correct
    • Create Connector form: The "validate" feature was not reporting the correct error
    • Produce: Producing with random Avro was sometimes not working
  • Testing

    • Fix agent connectivity hanging when using multiple instances of an agent
    • Fix menu tooltips being displayed behind the canvas
    • Fix loader not being centered
    • Fix Text4Shell CVE from org.apache.commons.commons-text-1.9
  • Monitoring

    • You can navigate back via your browser without encountering issues
  • Admin

    • RBAC: changing a role did not remove old permissions
    • As user with 'read' but without 'edit' permissions, I can browse the clusters as readonly