What's new in Conduktor 1.4.0!

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November 10th, 2022

We have released 1.4.0 of Conduktor Platform. This version brings advanced configuration to topic creation within the Console.

Features ✨

  • Platform
    • Notify when a new Platform version is available
    • Environment variable generation from configuration file https://conduktor.github.io/yaml-to-env/
  • Console
    • Create Topic form - Advanced configuration: The user can now configure all the settings of the topic
  • Data Masking
    • Apply data masking rules before filters are applied in Console and Testing
  • Admin
    • Clusters now have technical id. You can observe this on the cluster configuration screen inside admin/clusters. Soon, URLs inside the Platform solutions will use this technical id, enhancing shareability of URLs.

Fix 🔨

  • Platform
    • Fix authentication with SSO when no local user definition is provided
    • Fix clusters[].schemaRegistry parsing from env
  • Console
    • Producer was producing too many messages when it was configured in automatic produce mode with an elapsed time stop condition
  • Testing
    • Prevent connecting two nodes at once
    • Quota error on some executions
  • Data Masking
    • Add scroll to Policy form panel
  • Admin
    • Fix the cluster creation capacity for enterprise license