Reset Offsets in Conduktor 1.3.1

New Console features and much more in the latest version of Conduktor
November 3rd, 2022

We have released 1.3.1 of Conduktor Platform. This version brings lots of new functionality inside the Console relating to Kafka Connect and Consumer Groups.

Reset Offsets

Connect: Create Connector

Features ✨

  • Platform
    • Support ignoreUntrustedCertificate for SSO
  • Console
    • Improve error messages displayed to the user on Kafka errors
    • Consume: The Bytes deserializer now uses the Kafka BytesDeserializer instead of returning a base64 version of the raw bytes
    • Consumer Groups - Reset Offsets:
      • It's now possible to choose which Topic and which partition to reset
      • New "shift by" option
    • Consumer Group: You can now delete a Consumer Group
    • Kafka Connect - Create new connector: It's now possible to select on which Kafka Connect instance the connector will be created
    • Kafka Connect - It's now possible to select on which Kafka Connect instance the connector will be paused/resumed/restarted/deleted
  • Testing
    • Improve agent version tracking and related warnings
    • Improve dark mode support
  • Data Masking
    • Implement scope filtering in datamasking
    • UI improvements
  • Admin
    • New sidebar design
    • Clusters have a human friendly "technical id" to ease url sharing

Fix 🔨

  • Console
    • Fix: Kafka Connect - The connectors data table is now refreshed when an action is performed on a connector
  • Testing
    • Fix: Screen/Modals freezing on some actions
    • Fix: Can't connect multiple edges to some nodes
    • Fix: Reading large CSV files
    • Fix: Text4Shell CVE from org.apache.commons.commons-text-1.9
  • Monitoring
    • Fix cluster discovery that failed in some cases
  • Data Masking
    • Fix: Number fields are not masked
  • Admin
    • Fix: Missing auth events in Audit log