Conduktor release 1.13.0!

External group sync, Console performance improvements and more ✨
March 13th, 2023

Conduktor 1.13.0

We have released version 1.13.0 of Conduktor. This version contains performance improvements in the Console, as well as functionality that enables you to sync Conduktor groups with external groups from your LDAP/OAuth2.0 identity provider. This means you can leverage Conduktor's powerful RBAC system without compromising your existing source of truth.

Pull the latest version now:

docker pull conduktor/conduktor-platform:latest


Important changes ❗

  • This version replaces platform.fqdn configuration with platform.external.url (used for SSO callback URL when using a reverse proxy).

Features ✨

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  • Platform

    • External group mapping for LDAP/OIDC - See docs
    • DB support for TLS - See docs
    • Allow to force platform URL with platform.external.url configuration. This can fix SSO callback URL errors if upstream proxy sends the wrong X-Forwarded-* HTTP headers to the platform.
  • Console

    • Support mTLS on Kafka Connect
    • Improve the performance of the consumer and topic lists screen
    • New design for the cluster dropdown has been implemented
  • Admin

    • Configure Kafka Connect connection with mTLS
    • Configure an icon to distinguish your clusters
  • Testing

    • Add 'Skip SSL' functionality to HTTP tasks

Fix 🔨

  • Console

    • Fix connectivity test with RedPanda clusters