Conduktor release 1.11.0!

Aws Glue support and monitoring overview ✨
February 3rd, 2023

We have released version 1.11.0 of Conduktor. This version introduces AWS Glue, a new monitoring overview and log level management by modules !

Pull the latest version now:

docker pull conduktor/conduktor-platform:latest

Features ✨

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  • Console

    • Support for AWS Glue Schema Registry.
    • Topics: a new tab is available to explore the partitions details.
    • Schema Registry: add the ability to review a schema even if it is malformed or erroneous.
    • Kafka Connect: you can now select and reset multiple connectors at once.
    • Kafka Connect: the connectors view have been redesigned to improve its readability
  • Monitoring

    • New Overview screen with global health check based on URP, Offline Partitions, Active Controllers, Unclean Elections and Min ISR
    • Support for metrics without agent dependency: Message Count / s, Partitions count, Leader/Partition Skew, Active brokers, Active partitions, Active controllers, Total size of messages
    • Log alerting failures as errors and enable retry on transient failures
  • Platform

    • Improve platform logs format and configuration by introducing new environment variable CDK_ROOT_LOG_LEVEL and CDK_ROOT_LOG_COLOR . More on log configuration on documentation.
    • Add support for LDAP client context extra properties configuration.
  • Testing

    • Improve agent logs, now displaying the server it connects to (SaaS or on-premise)
    • Parsing errors in checks are now more verbose
  • Topic as a Service

    • Teams around applications can be configured with RBAC roles.

Fix 🔨

  • Admin

    • Prevent error on cluster update if the cluster was configured without properties in input platform configuration.
    • Remove transitive permissions on topic, subjects and consumer groups when a permission is given on a cluster
  • Console

    • Consume: Fix WASM execution errors when using jq filters.
    • Consume: Fix parsing of DLQ headers from Spring Boot Cloud Stream
    • Consume: Immediately fail when ACL prevents from consuming a topic instead of hanging forever
    • ACLs: Support ':' character in ACL principal names
    • Improve performances of navigation and cluster connection status
    • Consume/Produce: Fix an error related to schema registry when consuming or producing on MSK clusters configured without schema registry
  • Platform

  • Testing

    • Fix schemas loading.