Conduktor release 1.10.0!

Extended RBAC for Consumer Groups, Subjects and ACLs ✨
January 16th, 2023

We have released version 1.10.0 of Conduktor. This version introduces RBAC for Consumer Groups, Subjects and ACLs !

Pull the latest version now:

docker pull conduktor/conduktor-platform:latest

| rbac-v2 (1) | | :------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------: | | Extended RBAC for Enterprise customers |

Major changes :

  • migration from 1.9.1 or earlier to 1.10.x is not possible with the embedded database mode
  • Depreciation of internal AUTHENTICATOR_JAVA_OPS enironment variable in favor of AUTHENTICATOR_JAVA_OPTS

Features ✨

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  • Admin

    • Improve the UX of removing users from organization
    • Add audit logs for groups and cluster operations
    • Enhanced support for certificate checks on Schema Registry and Kafka Connect
  • Console

    • Consumer: You can now apply a jq filter to better visualize message data
    • RBACs are now available for Consumer Groups, Subjects and ACLs
    • New Brokers pages:
      • Brokers list page: You can see the list of your Cluster's Brokers
      • Broker details page: You can explore the details of one of your Brokers
    • Reset Offsets: New "Specific Offset" strategy to choose when to reset the offsets to
    • Consume: Add support for Avro logical types
    • ACLs: You can now create and delete ACLs in Console
    • Schema details: The "Structure" tab displaying the structure of Protobuf Schema
  • Monitoring

    • Dynamic cluster definition: You can now edit them in Admin and monitoring will pick them up on save
    • Graphs are now updated smoothly as time passes
    • Graphs correctly display time values on axis
    • Improved handling of empty values
  • Platform

    • Add support for HTTPS
    • Support for HTTP proxies

Fix 🔨

  • Admin

    • The "Test Connection" button on the Schema Registry configuration page timeouts faster (5 seconds)
  • Console

    • Fixed Subject Updating: When a Subject was created with a different strategy than "Topic Name", updating the schema would create a new Subject instead of updating it
    • Produce: We now produce null instead of an empty String if the Key and/or Value input is empty
    • Confluent Cloud:
      • The "Reset to default" feature on the Topic's configuration was not working on Confluent Cloud
      • Our Kafka Connect page was not incorrectly showing errors when some connectors were stopped
      • Create new Connector: no error message was displayed when the Connector configuration was invalid
    • Schema Registry configuration: The "Test Connection" return now a human readable error message explains what the issue is.
  • Monitoring

    • Selecting custom dates is correctly applied
    • Alerts update now and appropriately update the interface
    • Better handling of NaN and undefined values for graphs
    • Refreshing the graphs no longer execute when given fixed dates
  • Testing

    • Increase defaults timeouts to solve flakiness issue with some providers
    • Fix data masking behavior with topic preview