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The Conduktor Team in Milan

In the final week of September, the entire Conduktor team gathered in Milan as we launched the Platform. Take a look at some of the best pictures from the event.

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Nicolas Orban
October 28th, 2022
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In the final week of September, the entire team gathered in Milan! We celebrated the launch of Conduktor Platform and also were able to collaborate for one week and work on cultivating our values. It was an amazing way to get together and see the company's culture come to life.

I have spoken already about how we used the offsite as a chance to develop a new set of values for Conduktor. Not only did we develop new values as a team, but we saw them in action as well all across the week that we were there.

This was our third offsite meeting, having previously gathered in Paris and Bordeaux. Milan didn't disappoint for a team that has more than quadrupled in size since the first offsite meeting. Collaboration is one of our new values and it was great to work on projects in person, with a company-wide competitive hackathon and plenty of team meetings. There were numerous opportunities to learn as well, with workshop sessions throughout the week.

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Conduktor employees in a team meeting

Of course, one of our new values was in evidence even before we arrived, as “we delivered” the launch of Conduktor Platform. But even in the company hackathon, we saw teams delivering impressive projects in very little time; the eventual winners were team “Wolfgang”, who created a new feature for the Platform called Radar. Keep your eyes peeled!

Naturally, it wasn’t all work. There was plenty of time for some fun, with some particularly competitive games of volleyball:

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Stephane takes the whole team on himself

While in Bubble football the biggest challenge was to stay standing:

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An intrepid player makes a bold move

And a fair few of us found it in them to “be bold” and take a chance at Conduktor Karaoke:

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Love at first sight for David and Nico

Capping off the week, we took the time to honor the Conduktor employees who best embodied our values and consistently went above and beyond to help deliver the successful launch of the Platform.

The winners were:

Roch, Aine, Freddie, and Steven

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Roch, Aine, Freddie, and Steven show off their trophies

Thanks to everyone who made these past 6 months a great success. I’m looking forward to our next chance to bring everyone together.

If you want to join this great team and join us at our next offsite, we are hiring! Check out our list of open positions or get in touch directly if you feel you could be a great fit.

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