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Meet the team: Aurélie Marcuzzo

Customers are at the heart of any business. It's crucial to take great care of them, make them happy, and deliver them the maximum value we can.

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Nicolas Orban
June 27th, 2023
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Previous roles/jobs# 

At university I studied IT Sciences at Engineering School before moving on to do one year in Business School to specialise in Business Intelligence. At the same time as this I started a two-year apprenticeship at Accenture for Michelin in France. This is where I met and worked with Julien, who now works in Product Management for Conduktor. I was at a crossroads waiting for a new contract when Julien introduced me to the opportunity in Customer Success, and Florent, Conduktor's Chief Strategy Officer.

Why did you join Conduktor?# 

After meeting with Florent and speaking with Julien, I felt like this was a completely different opportunity to the contract I was waiting on. I wanted to try life in the start-up world, and speaking to the team at Conduktor felt more comfortable and personal. I wouldn’t be just a number; I would be able to have a big impact.

As part of the role I would also be moving to London which I really looked forward to. I love working hybrid. It gives me the chance to live and work in a cool city, and have the flexibility and freedom to work from home when needed.

What does a typical day look like for you?# 

My day is super varied, and I work with different teams across the organisation from Engineering to Sales. Everyday I start by having a daily standup with my Customer Success Team members, Jean-Louis and Lorcan, to sync on what the rest of the day is going to look like, and I crack on with any admin tasks.

Throughout the rest of the day I speak with customers, helping them with any issues they may have with the platform. Firstly my job is to onboard them, and then I will help them with anything that comes up after this, for example if they are missing a feature or they’ve found a bug. I share this information with my team, Product, and Engineering so I’m always talking to other people across the company.

On top of this, I look after Intercom, our application for reactive support and I also write documentation for those who will be using our product, translating technical language into easily understandable writing. I also test features before customers need to, sharing insights with our engineering team if anything is not working as it should.

To sum up, throughout my day I give our customers some love! I make sure they have everything they need to help them be more successful using our platform.

What are you most excited about in the coming months for the business/your team/your department?# 

I’m looking forward to seeing my team and wider team grow. It’s fun to meet new people in the office, and to see the impact that they have in their roles.

What was your favourite company offsite moment and why?# 

My favourite offsite moment happened at our last offsite in Paris in March 2023, where I won one of our values awards. I won for encompassing the “we learn” value. I really didn’t expect it and I felt proud of myself to receive recognition from our executive team but also the votes of everyone from across the company. I don’t feel like you get that kind of personal recognition in larger companies so for me it really played into why I joined Conduktor in the first place.

What’s one thing you have learned more about this year?# 

In the last year I have been through a big transition. Not only have I moved from a French company, but I have also moved countries to the UK. Having team members who don’t speak French has encouraged me to use my English skills all the time and as a result I’ve noticed just how much I’ve improved!

When you’re not working you’re…# 

I’m hanging out with friends or exploring my new home. I like wandering around London and discovering new areas and shops. Otherwise you’ll find me playing video games, embroidering, or booking as many tickets to Harry Styles concerts as I can.

Which of Conduktor’s values speaks to you most and why?# 

For me it’s a toss up between “we learn” and “we collaborate”.

  • For “we learn” it’s more on an individual level
  • For “we collaborate”, I see this as being more important at a company level.

Thank you Aurélie# 

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