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Conduktor raises $20M Series A

We’ve just raised $20M Series A funding and we’re super excited about what that means for our community.

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Nicolas Orban
November 24th, 2021
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Led by Accel, this round will help us to change the game when it comes to data streaming.

We are thrilled to be the latest addition to the #AccelFamily. We’re joining the likes of Spotify, Dropbox, Cloudera, Atlassian, Venmo, Slack, and a whole stack of other awesome companies that Accel have helped to, literally, change the world.

We’re humbled to see our name up there beside some of the best in the business and we’re delighted to have Andrei Brasoveanu joining our board. Andrei put together a wonderful piece about why Accel chose to support Conduktor. Read it here…

We want to thank Andrei and Accel for their belief in our mission and for totally getting it. We’re also extremely grateful to our earlier investors Frontline Ventures, Canvas Ventures, and Aglaé Ventures for helping us to get this far and continuing to support us.

Since we launched the first version of Conduktor Desktop in May 2019, we’ve been blown away by the level of interest. Our community has been key to making Conduktor the best Apache Kafka desktop tool around. So we want to thank you too. 

Now, you can expect even better tools that will make your Apache Kafka development so much easier. We’re on a mission to make Conduktor your ‘go to’ platform for all things data streaming. 

Things have been moving fast here but now they are going to get even faster…

What’s Next?

New Tools

We’ll be introducing a whole suite of awesome new products very soon, so make sure to subscribe to our social channels for updates and early access.

Bigger Team

We’re substantially increasing the size of our team to serve you better, so if you love Kafka and want to join Team Conduktor, check out our careers page!

Let's Talk

We’ve already been busy making major improvements to our Desktop GUI. We’ve added custom deserialisers, RBAC, and a whole range of consumer filtering capabilities. That means now is the perfect time to take another look at all of the advanced features you get with an Enterprise plan from Conduktor.

Let’s discuss your Kafka pain points. Get started with Conduktor today.

We aim to accelerate Kafka projects delivery by making developers and organizations more efficient with Kafka.