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Security - Audit

Detailed trackingof every action

Be aware of what is happening in Kafka all the time!

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Visibility for Apache Kafka
actions is lacking

Auditing allows people and teams to view who has access to what, when
access was requested, and when it was granted or denied.

  • Feature
    Access logs

    Track all access attempts for your Kafka ecosystem

  • Feature
    Deployment logs

    Problem with a deployment? We track everything that occurs

  • Feature

    Audit logs work even across multiple clusters

See every action

Conduktor Audit logs track everything that takes place, no ifs, not buts. Never worry again about losing track of key information or missing anything that occurs.

  • Keep track of actions on right down to the individual message level, for every user

  • Conduktor's open approach even lets you see how external applications are interacting with Kafka in your logs


Works with
Conduktor's ironclad

Add topic-level RBAC to the platform's single-sign on and full auditing features to get the most secure Kafka ecosystem possible.

  • Connect roles to existing identities for seamless setup

  • Single sign-on makes it simple to add or remove users to your organization


Auditing across Kafka clusters

The Conduktor Platform maintains audit logs for everything that happens in Kafka, even across clusters.

  • Centralized tracking for every user and every role

  • Keep calm with a trail for your most important technology platform


Start auditing everything

that occurs in Kafka

Never miss a thing with the Conduktor Platform. Get free access to the powerful Conduktor Console right now.

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