Apache Kafka Desktop Client

We created Conduktor, the all-in-one friendly interface to work with the Kafka ecosystem. Develop and manage Apache Kafka with confidence.

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Native for Windows, Mac & Linux

Conduktor is a native desktop application
No web servers, no dependencies
Manage Apache Kafka… say it with me…

Easy as 1..2..3 ✌️

Works on any Apache Kafka cluster

Confluent Cloud, Aiven, Amazon MSK
Schema Registry, Kafka Connect

Conduktor loves all Kafka clusters 💙

Full of features you will love

Manage Brokers, Topics, Consumer Groups
Produce, Consume, Monitor
Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams, KSQL…

The list is very long 📃

More than 8,000 organizations and 60,000 developers trust us to work and manage their Apache Kafka clusters

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<mark>Learn</mark> Apache Kafka with Conduktor

Learn Apache Kafka with Conduktor

Apache Kafka is a beautiful piece of technology and is probably central to your business.

There are so many things to know and so many pitfalls to be aware of when working with Apache Kafka! In order to spend wisely your time and start right, Conduktor offers you more than 3h of free content. Learn to use Apache Kafka with Conduktor, acquires new skills, and work safely.

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Simplify your journey to modern Apache Kafka applications

Large and small organizations use Conduktor to ease the development and management of their Apache Kafka clusters, applications & microservices.

👩‍💻 Developers

Configure topics, find data, manage consumers, Kafka Streams applications, Connectors, run ksqlDB queries

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👩‍🚒 Operators

Configure and monitor your brokers, reassign topic partitions, ensure the metrics are good

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👨‍🔬 QA

Run scenarios by sending custom messages to run functional tests. Test resiliency by sending random data

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🏢 Enterprises

Ensure your teams are working with helpful products. Allow them to work fast with all your Apache Kafka ecosystem

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Top Features

Here are some of the features our users rave about!

  • Topics Management with <mark>Superpowers</mark>

    Topics Management with Superpowers

    Create, Consume, Empty or Delete Kafka Topics ~ Topic Last Write Date ~ Number of Active Consumers in Topic ~ Topic Partitions, ISR and Replicas (re)assignment ~ View Topic Size ~ Topic Configuration Override ~ Kafka Topic Monitoring ~ Preferred Replica Leader Election ~ and more!

    You don’t have to be an expert to manipulate topics.

  • Managing Kafka Brokers is enjoyable

    Managing Kafka Brokers is enjoyable

    List all Kafka Brokers ~ Find and Change Kafka Controller ~ View Kafka Version ~ View, modify and fix Kafka Configurations ~ Configuration discrepancy alert ~ Kafka Rack Visualization ~ Kafka Broker Skew and Size ~ Leader Balance ~ Broker Decomissioning ~ View Under Replicated Partitions ~ (Rolling) Restart of Kafka Brokers

    Finally understand what’s going on in your Kafka cluster.

  • Powerful built-in Kafka Consumer

    Powerful built-in Kafka Consumer

    Key/Value (De)Serializers: String, JSON, Avro… & Header Support
    Start and End consuming from: offset, timestamp, forever
    Filter messages: use a filter or RegEx to find messages Export Kafka topic data: so you can look at it offline

    You’ll never use the Kafka Consumer CLI again.

  • Kafka Connect operations made trivial

    Manage and keep track of all your Kafka Connect clusters.
    List connectors available
    Configure Kafka Source and Sink Connectors
    Export and Import Kafka Connect configurations
    Monitor and Restart your Kafka Connect connectors

    Become a Kafka Connect wizard

  • The missing UI for the Confluent Schema Registry

    The missing UI for the Confluent Schema Registry

    View & Manage your Avro Schemas
    Evolve your schemas and set schema compatibility
    Download & Generate schemas on the fly
    Analyze versions of your schema

    Avro schemas for humans.

  • And way more!

    And way more!

    It’s delicate to show everything here, it will be better to look at the whole list!

    Producer, Tests, ksqlDB, Apache Avro, Protobuf, Import/Export, Monitoring, Reassignments, Smart Groups, Security… We’re adding more and more features!

Supported by an extraordinary community

+100K downloads, thousands of messages from our users worldwide! ❤️

Made By Kafka Lovers 💙

We created Conduktor to dramatically improve
our Kafka administration and development tasks

We hope to save you too some time and frustration by adopting Conduktor. 🚀

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