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Conduktor Desktop

More than an interface to Apache Kafka, it fully integrates with the Apache Kafka ecosystem.

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Kafka should be accessible for everyone

Conduktor Desktop gives you and your team control over your whole data
pipeline thanks to its intuitive user interface

  • Feature
    Modern, simple, intuitive

    Our interface makes it easy for anybody to work with Kafka

  • Feature
    Every Kafka Operation

    Standard Kafka operations at your fingertips with only a few clicks

  • Feature
    Built by experts

    We understand what matters for Kafka

A UI that handles every need

Conduktor gathers all necessary info into a single application which works with all parts of the Kafka ecosystem

  • Start a Kafka Cluster in seconds, using any Kafka version from any Kafka provider

  • A beautiful UI and UX to help developers & ops quickly find what they need

  • Standard Kafka operations for your entire team enable you to perform complex actions in a few clicks


Complete data control

Conduktor gives you the power to do anything you need with your data. Automated analytics, queries and searches, random data generation, support for all formats and more

  • Consume from the past or in real-time. Use more advanced strategies like from specific offsets or times

  • Create and restart Connections from Kafka Connect within a single interface

  • Wide coverage of Kafka data types with randomized production for experimentation


Secure in all stages

A range of permissions and controls gives you peace of mind over vital infrastructure.

  • Role-based access controls and Single sign-on let you manage your team's access and place limits on important parts of your Kafka

  • Works with any Kafka security: SASL, SSL and, Kerberos; everything is supported.

  • Issues in your system are instantly highlighted and brought to your attention


Take control of

Apache Kafka.

Download now to transform how you manage and develop Apache Kafka applications.

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