Reseller and Third Party Licensees

General overview

Resellers are able to buy our Enterprise plans, meaning a minimum of 10 licenses.

Professional licenses can't be resold on a behalf of a third party.

To ensure the best possible customer service we ask to speak to the end-user as well as the reseller party as a part of the purchasing process.

The reseller will remain as the billing contact, and the account owner will be the end-user. The end-user will manage the day-to-day account activities and assign licenses in the online portal.

Payment method

Credit card payment is the preferred method of payment however for amounts above $5.000 we also accept bank transfers.

What about Purchase Order Numbers?

If you purchase licenses with the credit card payment option you will be able to add the PO number yourself at checkout.

If you're paying through a bank transfer your PO number must be sent before activation when signing a PO.


VAT numbers must be sent before receiving the 1st quote, in order to set-up the account properly.

Please contact us by filling out the form below before purchasing online.