Conduktor release 1.9.1!

Consumer lag graph fixes, improved error support for TLS checks and more! ✨
January 4th, 2023

We have released version 1.9.1 of Conduktor. This version resolves an issue in Monitoring whereby the consumer lag graphs were not rendering properly.

Features ✨

  • Platform
    • File based environment variable
      • An environment variable with the *_FILE suffix will be replace by the file content

Fix 🔨

  • Platform

    • Use business name for relevant service in audit log listing
    • Improve error support for TLS checks on Schema Registry and Kafka Connect
    • Prevent the last admin in an organization from removing themselves
    • Fix a rolling update issue due to DB pool size
  • Monitoring

    • Fix the consumer lag graphs from the Apps Monitoring dashboard
  • Testing

    • Fix agent error when running on Java 11
    • Fix cryptographic error preventing access from insecure origins