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- decimal types (bytes) renders as number as strings
- timestamp-millis (long) rendered as string

Apache Avro is a first-class citizen within Conduktor.

When we consume Avro data, Conduktor renders it as JSON to be human-readable. But Avro is more complex and has special types (logicalTypes) that need special handling.


Hopefully, Conduktor understands them and make them human-readable. No "bytes" or timestamps, but friendly formatted strings.

Schema registry

Conduktor has a great support of the Schema Registry and Avro.

It supports complex schemas, displays and group all the records part of the same subject. It also build an inverted view to be able to identify which schemas are repeated, which ones are using the same name, how many variants of a schema there is. You can be aware of potential conflicts and issues at a glance.

This is  part of a large effort to help governing the data safely in  an enterprise.

Consuming data

Conduktor offers a LOT of ways to consume and work with your data.

It's possible to consume from data from the last hour only, from today, from a specific date, or totally from the beginning of the topic! For more advanced usages, it's also possible to consume using specific offsets and from an existing consumer group.

You are interested in messages containing only some data, or only by a specific key? It's possible to filter by key, value, or header. 

Also, Conduktor displays in real-time the consumption per partition. It's useful to understand how Kafka works, to see if some partitions or brokers are running into troubles, or to tune consumer configuration to be faster.

Note that Conduktor will never commit anything to your cluster, it does not use any consumer group: it does not leave any traces on your cluster. You can use it safely.

Multi Kafka Connects

Kafka Connect makes it easy to integrate Kafka with external systems such as databases, key-value stores, search indexes, and file systems.

It's possible to have several Kafka Connect clusters working on the same Kafka Cluster. Each of them maintained by a different team, or dedicated to a special type of connectors

It's now possible to manage multiple Kafka Connects within Conduktor. It will visually "merge" everything to abstract from which Kafka Connect the connector comes from. Conduktor will warn you when clusters or connectors are down.

PERFORMANCES & Friendliness

Finally, a long-due feature! Copy text displayed in Conduktor. In a web-based environment, it's a given. But we are not web-based, so we needed some more work. Right-click when there is something interesting to grab and a context menu will appear.



Also, it's now possible to configure what is displayed inside Conduktor (per cluster), and prevent it to consume tons of memory, CPU, be slow, make lots of IOs etc. by just disabling some features you don't need (or if you cluster is huge). It's also possible to configure the Kafka options used by the consumers, producers, and admin used within Conduktor (for more advanced use-cases).


To use Conduktor, you now have to log in. An Internet Connection is therefore required. You will have the option to use a classic account (email, password) or instead use your Twitter/Github/Google account.

These changes are necessary so that we can prepare to offer you enterprise features, team management, work on the same configuration as your colleagues, offer subscriptions, and much more!

As of today, nothing changes except you are logged in, and we will accurately know how many people are using Conduktor on a regular basis (something we're dearly missing). 

We take data privacy seriously and we are only requiring a minimal set of information. Please check out our TOS and Privacy Policy pages if you have doubts. 

We are a small team and are working very iteratively to offer you new features as fast as we can. Login is the first step, and we are so excited of the many features to come.

Thanks for your help and your continued support!

The Team of Conduktor

Stéphane & Stéphane