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v 1.10.3Jan 20, 2023
Conduktor release 1.10.3!

We have released version 1.10.3 of Conduktor.

Fix 🔨

  • When you create a cluster from Admin interface, monitoring is now enabled automatically

v 1.10.4Jan 20, 2023
Conduktor release 1.10.4!

We have released version 1.10.4 of Conduktor.

Fix 🔨

  • Now allow RBAC permission to be set on schema subjects that contain a / in their name

v 1.10.2Jan 18, 2023
Conduktor release 1.10.2!

We have released version 1.10.2 of Conduktor.

Major changes :

  • migration from 1.9.1 or earlier to 1.10.x is not possible with the embedded database mode

Fix 🔨

  • Platform
    • Improve migration when using an embedded database (compatible with 1.10.2+ versions only)
    • Resolve an issue with platform state in embedded mode
    • Resolved an issue with some monitoring metrics which where not displayed anymore.

v 1.10.1Jan 17, 2023
v 1.10.0Jan 16, 2023
Conduktor release 1.10.0!

Extended RBAC for Consumer Groups, Subjects and ACLs ✨

v 1.9.1Jan 4, 2023
Conduktor release 1.9.1!

Consumer lag graph fixes, improved error support for TLS checks and more! ✨

v 1.9.0Dec 29, 2022
v 1.8.0Dec 16, 2022
Updates in Conduktor 1.8.0!

New certificate and cluster management! ✨

v 1.7.2Dec 9, 2022
Updates in Conduktor 1.7.2!

New topic and user/group scoped policies in Data Masking! ✨

v 1.7.0Dec 2, 2022
Updates in Conduktor 1.7.0!

New diagnostic tool and support for all SR subject name strategies in Console

v 1.6.0Nov 28, 2022
Updates in Conduktor 1.6.0!

New documentation site ✨, ACLs explorer, LDAPS support and more enhancements in the latest version of Conduktor

v 1.5.1Nov 18, 2022
Updates in Conduktor 1.5.1!

Advanced Console features, Truststore configuration for SSL/TLS connections and much more

v 1.4.0Nov 10, 2022
What's new in Conduktor 1.4.0!

See what's inside the latest version of Conduktor

v 1.3.1Nov 3, 2022
Reset Offsets in Conduktor 1.3.1

New Console features and much more in the latest version of Conduktor

v 1.2.0Oct 28, 2022
Env Variables & Testing Improvements in 1.2.0!

See what's inside the latest version of Conduktor

v 1.1.2Oct 20, 2022
New features in 1.1.2

External PostgreSQL support and advanced Console features

v 1.1.3Oct 20, 2022
New features in 1.1.3

Customize platform listening port and support for MSK with IAM auth