Why Conduktor?

Conduktor offers more than just an interface over Apache Kafka.

It provides you and your teams the control of your whole data pipeline, thanks to our integration with most technologies around Apache Kafka.

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The right devops tool combined with the right support

  • Provide you and your teams the most complete tool on top of Apache Kafka
  • For your ops and your developers
  • Say no to internal custom tools and eliminate implementation mistakes
  • Focus your teams on your core domain
  • Developed by Apache Kafka experts, always up-to-date
  • Consistent Experience in your enterprise
  • Responsive support to help with Conduktor or Apache Kafka specifics


The time you will save by using Conduktor to do anything related to Apache Kafka


of the Fortune 100 are using Apache Kafka to stream their real-time data


The average number of different tools a developer would use instead of just Conduktor

What is Conduktor?

Conduktor helps enterprises and teams working fluently with their Apache Kafka clusters

  • Easy-to-use Desktop Application
  • Inspect your data in real-time
  • Ensure your applications are working fine
  • Enterprise portal to monitor your usage

Who is Conduktor for?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a few or a thousands developers & operators, Conduktor will significantly improve how your teams work


Configure topics, find data, manage consumers, Kafka Streams applications, Connectors, run ksqlDB queries


Configure and monitor your brokers, reassign topic partitions, ensure the metrics are good


Run scenarios by sending custom messages to run functional tests. Test resiliency by sending random data.


Ensure your teams are working with helpful products. Allow them to work fast with all your Apache Kafka ecosystem.

Ensure all your use-cases are covered

If you’ve started to work with Apache Kafka, you will expand your usage more and more over time. This is why you need a tool like Conduktor to provide an easy and consistent experience across your teams.

Stream Processing
Logs Aggregation
Activity Tracking
Event Sourcing
Data Pipelines

Ready to get started?

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Where we've started & Where we're going

The Prequel

We are working with Apache Kafka for years. Each time we were joining a new company, we had to rewrite our “make-our-life-easier” tools again and again because no proper software existed out there to help us out as we wanted. Do you know this feeling?

So many organizations spend so much time developing something which is not related to their core domain. It’s “easy” to build something, it’s difficult to make it bug-free, to maintain it, to follow the latest trends and evolutions. And what about people leaving with the knowledge of this inside tool?

The Birth

We wanted something simple to help us work with our Apache Kafka clusters and applications. We wanted to share something fast to distribute to all Apache Kafka users. We wanted to gather feedback & ideas from our users, improve our tool, add useful features, and become a central place for the community, to be the go-to tool to be in good hands. That’s why we’ve created Conduktor.

The Ecosystem

So many tools are using the command line; are expert-oriented; are not friendly; are overcomplicated to install and run; do not provide any documentation; or they are simply abandoned to their fate, incomplete, totally outdated, etc.

The world around Apache Kafka is moving fast. This is one of the finest pieces of technology from the last decade and its adoption is totally justified. Enterprises have found something that can scale with their infinite data. Hundreds of thousands of organizations are now using Apache Kafka as their core technology to store and transfer their data between their digital products.

The Knowledge

« With great power comes great responsibility ». There are so many things to know when we work with Apache Kafka. It’s a complex technology to master. It also comes with many modules around to make the best usage out of it (Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams, ksqlDB, etc.). This won’t stop.

At Conduktor, we are working with Apache Kafka for so many years. We have implemented so many things, saw so many scenarios, have worked on so many architectural patterns. We know Apache Kafka. We are always up-to-date with the latest evolutions and are doing our best to implement them in Conduktor. We also know the dragons out there. We are here to help and guide you. We want to make the details “easy” for you by providing a useful UX and beautiful UIs. We want to concentrate the knowledge and the best practices in this one place: Conduktor.

The Vision

Lastly, at Conduktor, we have a vision: to make it easy and safe for organizations to work with their data, without being inhibited by the low-level tech. This is our goal. We want to change the game and let people have fun with their data. We want to unify the usages in the enterprises and make it easy for new collaborators to be onboarded quickly with a consistent and great experience for all. We need you to achieve our vision.

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