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Solve your Kafkaissues easily

A powerful and flexible UI to help you pin-point problems in your Kafka cluster ... and fix them!

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You can't safely troubleshoot issues without extensive Apache Kafka Experience

Conduktor makes it clear where problems are occurring and lets you focus on
fixing issues, instead of investigating

  • Feature
    Instant error highlights

    Save time investigating issues so your team can focus on their core domain

  • Feature
    Improve your uptime

    Shorter recovery times lead to better SLAs/SLOs

  • Feature
    Solve at the message level

    Advanced filtering for investigating message-level data quality issues

Identify issues

Conduktor's data exploration makes it easy to see where problems are occurring and drill down to the precise issue.

  • Get automatically alerted when consumer group lag reaches a certain threshold

  • Collect the corresponding evidence by browsing into the topics, starting from specific offsets if needed

  • Analyze the messages and plan a resolution path


Understand your
problem and take

The power and simplicity of Conduktor's Kafka operations enable users to take instant action to remedy problems and bring systems back online.

  • Restart connections instantly without leaving the platform

  • Exclude messages or alter configurations to deal with consumption errors

  • Get shorter recovery times and better SLA & SLO


Get Kafka working

The most important thing for troubleshooting is that you can get past the problem and carry on with production. Conduktor displays relevant statuses and error messages to ensure success.

  • Produce random data across all Kafka-supported data types to ensure that topic configurations are functioning correctly

  • Visibility over your entire Kafka ecosystem gives you the green light to proceed with work


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