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Governance - Topic as a Service

Self-service topicsfor your teams

A tool to create, update, share, and promote Kafka resources
across teams and environments with the automated blessing of Ops.

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A lack of processes and standards will cause trouble for Apache Kafka

As usage of Kafka grows, you need a simple way to keep everyone aligned. Topic As A Service standardizes your foundational processes, letting everyone fit together.

  • Feature
    Topic Creation

    I want to create a topic, don't make me think, it should be simple ... and it is!

  • Feature
    Topic Sharing

    Share topics between teams, only you will know if another team can access it.

  • Feature
    Topic Promotion

    Once I am done on an environment, I want the same resources on the next environment.

Instant self-service topic creation

Topic creation should be the simplest part of Kafka but it can become incredibly difficult across teams. Conduktor provides a flawless method to create topics that fit with requirements.

  • Create, share, and promote topics between teams without worries

  • Keep Kafka running smoothly without the need for more integrations


Make DevOps happy

You could enforce standards by running everything through Ops and letting them take on the workload. But why punish key employees with such low-level tasks? Topic as a Service takes the pain for your Ops.

  • Enforce standards without needing enforcers

  • Stop DevOps from becoming Dev vs Ops


A full topic audit

Understand the flow of requests, who created what, who asked for what, and how it is all being shared.

  • Understand who did what across your ecosystem

  • Combine with the Platform's overall auditing capabilities for an unmatched audit log


The Conduktor Platform lets your

Kafka reach its potential

Topic As A Service is available for all Conduktor Platform users and fits into your setup seamlessly.

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