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Improve the configurationof your topics

Automated Kafka recommendations and superior visibility to empower your team and optimize your topics.

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Don't let your experts
burn out on Apache Kafka

Let us maintain best practices for topic configuration and other Kafka aspects.
Topic Analyzer is your Kafka expert as a service.

  • Feature
    Improve configuration

    We pinpoint bad producer configurations that impact latency, storage, and costs!

  • Feature
    Schema usage

    How many schemas do you have in this topic, are there old messages? We can provide answers.

  • Feature
    Transaction usage

    Do you understand your transaction usage? It can be very misleading, but we can help you.

A Kafka expert
“in a box”

Keeping on top of everything in Kafka is impossible. With Topic Analyzer, your team has access to expert insight that helps guide junior and less experienced developers.

  • Improve your topic configuration thanks to superior compression and message batching

  • Utilize Kafka's features more effectively


Focus your expertise

Kafka experts are a limited resource and they need to spend their time wisely. Topic Analyzer helps prioritize experts so they can be where they are needed most.

  • Find the teams that need your help the most

  • Discover unconventional feature usage


Understand your
Kafka usage

Topic Analyzer enables you to understand the shape of your data and how you are using Kafka's capabilities.

  • Deep dive into your header and Schema usage

  • Optimize topic latency and throughput

  • Start to understand your Transaction use


Let us share our Kafka

knowledge with you

There are no alternatives to Topic Analyzer. Whether you need it for
a one-off analysis or want permanent insight, we're ready to help.

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