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Kafka testing

without complexity

No-nonsense end-to-end testing of applications and pipelines.

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Testing Apache Kafka is frustrating and
relies on experts

Conduktor Testing gives you an accessible platform to build tests and execute them continuously

  • Feature
    Visual test creation

    Chain complex test steps together using our intuitive, visual editor

  • Feature
    CI/CD Integration

    Capture regressions and integrate testing in your build process

  • Feature
    Multi-protocol support

    Combine HTTP and Kafka testing in a single, consolidated interface

Collaborate with your
whole team

The visual test editor allows both technical and business users to collaborate on test scenarios. Users can save and copy every test they make to simplify the testing landscape.

  • A visual interface allows anyone to build, run, and understand tests in Kafka

  • Re-use and repurpose test scenarios wherever they're needed

  • Group tests together with customizable categories and separate different teams with workspaces


Improved visibility

Build end-to-end integrated tests that show you exactly what's happening inside asynchronous systems, customized for different environments.

  • Don't just rely on pass/fail; Conduktor tests show you every step, highlighting exactly where an issue is occurring

  • Customize environment variables to simulate different situations

  • Combine HTTP and Kafka testing within a single, consolidated interface


Test automation

Use our Domain Specific Language to code tests and integrate into your CI/CD pipeline for greater speed and efficiency.

  • Integrate into any CI/CD environments

  • Switch between visual and code views of your tests for maximum flexibility

  • Support for Schema Registry and all serialization standards


Let your entire team test your

Kafka system with confidence

Conduktor Testing works seamlessly with the rest of the Conduktor platform, providing the ultimate Apache Kafka experience.

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