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Console - Operations

Hassle-freeKafka operations

A powerful and flexible UI to simplify daily activities on all deployments.

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Apache Kafka operations are
hard to learn and harder to master

Let us take the complexity out of everyday actions, enabling your team to focus on what counts.

  • Feature
    Every Kafka Operation

    Standard Kafka operations at your fingertips with only a few clicks

  • Feature
    Complete Topic Management

    Create, empty, and delete topics. Manage and reset your consumer groups.

  • Feature
    Schema Registry

    Evolve your schemas, visually track the changes and check compatibility

A Repeatable and Standardized Experience

Conduktor does all the tricky stuff for you. You can get your standard operations done with a few clicks and everything is at your fingertips

  • The same interface and user experience for your entire team, with role-based access controls

  • Setup a new Kafka cluster, add topics, and consume or produce messages in seconds

  • View and edit consumer groups


Convert hundreds of API calls into a few clicks

Stop wasting time memorizing commands and looking up obscure functions. The Conduktor Console minimizes Kafka's complexity so you can maximize your strengths.

  • Create, configure, and empty topics in an easy-to-understand way

  • Create and restart Connections from Kafka Connect within a single interface

  • Wide coverage of Kafka data types with randomized production for experimentation


A powerful and flexible user interface

The Conduktor Platform gathers all your Kafka information in one place, and works with the entire Kafka ecosystem.

  • Compatible with all versions of Kafka, Schema Registry, and Kafka Connect

  • A customizable interface provides holistic visibility over your entire Kafka ecosystem

  • Works with on-premise Kafka clusters, Confluent Cloud, AWS MSK, Aiven, and many others


Get to grips with Kafka faster than ever before with

Conduktor Platform

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