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Conduktor Success Story

How OpenTag transformed complex Kafka architecture management into a simplified workflow with Conduktor


In 2020, OpenTag managed Kafka with Kafka CLI and found the experience challenging. Because of this, OpenTag started to look for tools to help and partnered with Conduktor. Using the Conduktor Enterprise platform, OpenTag transformed their complex, multi-tool and multi-module Kafka experience into a powerful, streamlined workflow.

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Story of Customer

OpenTag is a one-stop-shop platform for iGaming and Sports Betting operators. It offers a complete end-to-end service including payments hub, casino integrations, sportsbook, sport book integrations, state-of-the-art bonus engine, and full CRM/CMS system.

OpenTag's data strategy is built on Apache Kafka. Kafka is the backbone and drives the firm's platform. The platform consists of multiple microservices in different modules and across several major domains. Kafka transforms OpenTag’s business into a real-time activity and provides scale, flexibility, and incredible access to data.

The Challenge of Apache Kafka Before Conduktor

Kafka is powerful but it presents challenges due to the complexity of the technology. Before Conduktor, OpenTag found Kafka complicated to work with, and it was only understood by a select few. It led to an uneven playing field for OpenTag's team, increased workload for DevOps and senior management, and left considerable Kafka power untapped and untouched due to inaccessibility and a high entry barrier.

Why OpenTag Chose Conduktor:

“Once we discovered Conduktor, our lives became a whole lot easier. Once someone adopts the platform, it becomes their go-to tool and Kafka becomes available to everyone, not just those with Kafka experience. Everyone should use Conduktor so that they can fully utilize Kafka functionalities.”— Rea Maor | CTO & Co-founder

Conduktor brings immense value to the entire department including DevOps, Ops, and senior management. Conduktor is now the go-to tool and gives all users the knowledge and access they need to use Kafka – bringing the entire team to the same level of conversation and understanding of Kafka matters. This leads to reduced workload and less wasted time for DevOps and senior management to manage Apache Kafka and increases the firm's ability to fully access and utilize Kafka's power. With Conduktor, OpenTag decreased time-to-market, using Kafka's flexibility and scalability to roll into multiple markets quickly.

Conduktor is easy to use – it is not dependent on any OS or Kafka distribution. It connects to every Kafka cluster and any version of Kafka, including Apache, MSK, or Confluent. Also, it allows easy sandboxing and fast onboarding with Kafka clusters, allowing clients to train 'out-of-the-box' and accelerate the team's learning curve.

The results
  • Shorten time-to-market for developers, engineers, and senior management
  • Easy access to Clusters, Topics and Data : AVRO, JSON or PROTOBUF
  • Simplify and decrease time spent on managing operations in Kafka
  • Lower barriers to entry and flatten the learning curve, allowing the entire team to access and tap into the versatile power of Apache Kafka
  • Improve collaboration and flexibility between tech and non-tech or senior and beginner Kafka users while levelling the playing field for all team members

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