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Seamless KafkaMonitoring

Simple and effective monitoring dashboards that everybody can understand.

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Thousands of Apache Kafka metrics, but no guide to what is important

Building your own Kafka monitoring tool would take a massive amount of resources for a mediocre solution. Conduktor Monitoring fits right into your existing tools instead.

  • Feature
    See what matters

    Understand the metrics that matter most to your Kafka infrastructure with detailed dashboards that help you to understand performance.

  • Feature
    Be notified

    Get real time notifications that alert you to potential problems in advance so that you can avoid outages and critical failures.

  • Feature
    Clear Context

    Each graph and metric is shipped with a detailled explanation of what it is, how it works, and why it matters.

See what matters

It's not enough to have a nice graph, they need to make sense. With Conduktor Monitoring you can have both.

  • Contextful, useful graphs that highlight key points

  • Detailed dashboards to understand performance

  • The Kafka metrics that matter according to real Kafka experts. Don't get lost in meaningless data


Seamless compatibility

Conduktor Monitoring fits into your existing Monitoring solutions without an issue, setting up with just a few clicks.

  • Start Monitoring your Kafka actions from the very first message

  • No need to spend hours fitting Kafka monitoring into systems that aren't designed for it


Instant alerts

Monitoring and Alerting go hand in hand. Conduktor provides a complete solution, with monitoring dashboards and instant, comprehensible alerts.

  • Get the knowledge you need to keep Kafka running

  • Alerts that make sense even to juniors, enabling rapid action


Get the metrics that matter for your Kafka

with the Conduktor Platform

Conduktor Monitoring fits into your free Conduktor Console with ease.
Why make monitoring difficult?

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