What is Apache Kafka? Part 3

Understanding the Apache Kafka Ecosystem

What is the Schema Registry?

The Schema Registry helps register data schemas in Apache Kafka and ensure that producers and consumers will be compatible with each other while evolving. It supports the Apache Avro, Protobuf and JSON-schema data formats.

Data Schemas

Data schemas define for your data the expected fields, their names, and value types

Without a schema registry, producers and consumers are at the risk of breaking when the data schema changes.

What is Conduktor?

The Conduktor Platform is a complete, end-to-end solution for Kafka development, encompassing Kafka management, testing, monitoring, data quality, and data governance. It allows developers to interact with the entire Kafka ecosystem such as Brokers, Topics, Consumers, Producers, Kafka Connect, and Confluent Schema Registry.

Conduktor Platform

What is ksqlDB?

ksqlDB is a stream processing database that provides a SQL-like interface to transform Kafka topics and perform common database-like operations such as joins, aggregates, filtering, and other forms of data manipulation on streaming data.

Behind the scenes, the ksqlDB webserver translates the SQL commands into a series of Kafka Streams applications.

An illustrated overview of how ksqlDB works with Apache Kafka
How ksqlDB works

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