Kafka Topic Naming Conventions

What are the naming conventions for a Kafka topic?

Kafka topic can have any names you want. It is very important to choose a naming convention in your company to maintain some kind of consistency.

If you need ideas, I recommend reading this blog:

Common structures adopted are hierarchical such as <department name>.<team name>.<dataset name>.<data format> (you can define your own).

Suffixing by <data format> can be a good way to indicate in advance how to consume a topic for example .avro , .json, .text, .protobuf, .csv, .log

Valid characters for Kafka topics are the ASCII alphanumerics, ., _, and - and it is better not to mix . and _ to avoid metric namespace collisions:

1 org.apache.kafka.common.errors.InvalidTopicException: Topic 'test.1' collides with existing topics: test_1

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Conduktor & Kafka Topic Names

Using the Smart Group Feature, we can group topics together in Conduktor

Screenshot showing Kafka Topic names before using Conduktor Smart Groups feature
Conduktor Smart Groups Configuration screenshot
Screenshot of Conduktor Smart Groups improvements when configured correctly