How to Start Kafka with Conduktor?

Create Kafka clusters in seconds

Starting a Kafka cluster locally could be really painful. Each operating system has its own particularities. Some technologies like Docker provide solutions for managing processes, but it isn't installed by default and doesn't work out of the box on Windows.

For this reason, Conduktor offers you an easy way to start a Kafka cluster. This feature is cross-platform (Linux, macOS, and Windows) and works out of the box. You don't need to install anything but Conduktor, and the feature is free.

How does it work?

Click on "Start a local Kafka cluster", then you can configure your cluster:

Configure your cluster in a couple of clicks.
  • Choose a Kafka version

  • Do you need a registry? Just activate the toggle.

  • Start your cluster!

The cluster will be entirely managed by Conduktor. You don't have to configure anything else, just enjoy the experience.

Once you are connected to your managed Cluster, you can copy and paste the addresses of your Kafka cluster and Schema Registry to use them outside of Conduktor:

The fastest way to start a Kafka cluster ever.

Installing Kafka Binaries

Launching Kafka using Conduktor allows you to start Kafka with no requirements, but if you would like to use the CLI tools, you currently need to install the Kafka binaries. Instructions are here (download Kafka and set up the $PATH variable and you're good to go):

  • Install Kafka Binaries on Mac

  • Install Kafka Binaries on Windows

  • Install Kafka Binaries on Linux

Feature requests? Feedback?

We are actively developing this feature and would love your feedback.

Send us an email at kafkademy [at] conduktor [dot] io and we'll be happy to read from you!

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