Consumer Read from Closest Replica

From Apache Kafka v2.4+ consumers can now read from the closest replica

Kafka Consumers read by default from the broker that is the leader for a given partition.

In case you have multiple data centers, you run the risk of a slightly higher latency, as well as high network charges if you're being billing for cross data centers network traffic (which is the case with cloud computing platforms such as AWS).

When a Kafka Consumer reads from the partition leader it can increase latency and networking costs.

Since Kafka 2.4, it is possible to configure consumers to read from the closest replica. This may help improve latency, and also decrease network costs if using the cloud.

Reding from the Closest Replica reduces latency and can save on networking costs.

To setup, you must set the following settings:

Broker setting (must be version Kafka v2.4+):

  • config must be set to the data centre ID (ex: AZ ID in AWS)

  • Example for AWS: AZ ID

  • replica.selector.class must be set to org.apache.kafka.common.replica.RackAwareReplicaSelector

Consumer Client setting (v2.4+):

  • Set client.rack to the data centre ID the consumer is launched on

  • Example for AWS client.rack=usw2-az1

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