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Ready to take on a role where you can improve how the world is working with Apache Kafka technologies? Consider joining us!
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Let’s make Kafka easier together

At Conduktor we are helping companies operate their data by making their Apache Kafka journey easier. We’re an international team (mostly in Europe) looking for highly motivated, tech/data-oriented people who want to share this amazing journey with us. Read more about our application process.

The values that guide us

Do you adhere?

Take ownership

Embrace the challenges & learnings, take responsibilities, be independent, and think big. Everything we do has its importance for the company.

Care & be honest

Care about what you do, your co-workers, and our users. Be honest and transparent to everyone. Let's not hide things from each other.

Keep it simple

Don't overdo things. Go straight to the point

Enjoy what you do every single day

Have fun during your journey otherwise it's not worth it. Enjoy the world and what it offers you.

We are user obsessed

Our users make us - We are the users. Always put yourself in their shoes.

Speak up

Something doesn't feel right? We value your opinion and want to talk about it. It's okay to disagree.

Results-driven, not hours-driven

We care about outcomes. If you feel a task is taking longer than expected, that's okay, just let us know.