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New, improved user interface

The Conduktor Console is able to surface more information and relevant metrics to enable views that simply aren't possible in previous versions of Conduktor. Tag topics to easily group them, and highlight topic consumption with intuitive graphs.

Instant Cluster Switching

In the Conduktor Console, you can switch between your clusters from Amazon MSK, Confluent, Aiven, Instaclustr, open source, or local clusters in a single click. No more waiting around for restarts!

Message Reprocessing

Select any message from any topic and instantly republish it to another topic. Take control of your dead letter queues by editing keys, values, and headers to ensure your messages reach their destination.

Javascript queries and intelligent filters

Javascript queries enable users to build queries that can handle anything, with any amount of functions and operators. Intelligent format filters automatically detect key + value formats when filtering. Take the pain out of exploring your topics

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