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The simplest way to exploreYour Kafka Data

A powerful and flexible UI that lets you search and explore topic data on any Kafka flavor.

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Finding the right data in Apache Kafka can be a nightmare

The Conduktor Explorer makes it easy to navigate your data thanks to its friendly user interface.

  • Feature
    Modern, simple, intuitive

    Our interface makes it easy for anybody to work with Kafka and find their data

  • Feature
    Powerful search queries

    Navigating is not enough, you need to find the right message. We have a powerful search engine for all your needs.

  • Feature
    Built by experts

    We understand what matters for Kafka and make sure to highlight the important things

An Easy-to-Understand, Centralized UI

Our customizable interface for Kafka gathers all the information about your clusters, consumers, and more in one place for easy access.

  • Gain visibility over your entire Kafka ecosystem

  • Unify your team's Kafka journey with a standardized interface

  • Customize the look and feel of the interface, displaying what matters to you


Support For Every Kafka Flavor

The Conduktor Platform works with every major Kafka provider and all parts of the Kafka ecosystem, across multiple clusters.

  • Every part of the Kafka ecosystem is supported, including Schema Registry and Kafka Connect

  • Use any Kafka version or provider, including Confluent Cloud, Aiven, AWS MSK, and more

  • Works with any form of Kafka security: SASL, SSL, Kerberos, etc.


Find What You Need With Ease

Our UI makes it easy to query and filter your data in Kafka. Isolate data issues, consume real-time data, and more.

  • Utilize time and offset-based consumption strategies when viewing messages

  • Use a variety of filtering options to drill down to the data you need

  • We surface relevant topic and consumer group metrics for you


Start using the most powerful

Kafka UI available

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