Building Event-Driven Microservices with Kafka Streams

Learn how to drive high availability, performance and scalability by using basic Kafka Streams to implement event-driven microservices.


What's in the eBook?

  • 01
    What is Microservices Architecture?

    See why microservices architecture is replacing monolithic applications, as well as the benefits and challenges of leveraging an inherently distributed & decentralized architecture.

  • 02
    Problems with Synchronous Communication

    We’ll walk through an example using an e-commerce store that demonstrates the problems with orchestration at scale.

  • 03
    What is Kafka Streams?

    Understand Kafka Streams and its basic concepts like Stream Processing Topology, and KStreams and KTables.

  • 04
    Building Event-Driven Microservices with Kafka Streams

    Find out how to eliminate problems in synchronous microservice communication by introducing an asynchronous, event-driven communication approach.