Conduktor 2.0 is here!

Conduktor Alpha was announced a year ago at Kafka Summit London 2019, and at the time, we didn’t know if people would like our idea. There were no good desktop applications for Apache Kafka, and we made this wild & crazy bet of creating one. One year later, we can confidently say that our users love Conduktor… thousands of them!

Conduktor presentation at Kafka Summit 2019

We are overwhelmed by the positive response and we know how much Conduktor is helping you in your day-to-day development and operations.

Conduktor has now matured, and to be able to continuously improve it, we will start offering yearly licenses for Conduktor 2.0. Conduktor 1.0, the version you are currently using, has not evolved for months and will stop working on June 1st.

I know this decision will make a lot of people angry… “Why pay for software now if you haven’t paid for it before?”

As independent developers, we have to find a way to monetize our work to keep on improving it. Conduktor has come a long way: we have closed over 300 tickets in a year, and still has a long way to go: we have hundreds of improvements in the pipeline. We cannot work on all those without a budget, and we have a strong desire to make Conduktor drastically better over time. This includes ramping up the development cycles, and the support we can offer.

I hope you understand our decision, and we thank you for your support until this day 💙

You will find below a discount coupon for our launch, as well as an explanation of the new pricing, the new documentation website and the improvements of Conduktor 2.0.

Launch Discount Coupon

As a thank you for using Conduktor until this day, any user who wishes to obtain an individual yearly license can obtain a 20% discount using the code EARLY_USER, which will expire on June 10th 2020. Please note this coupon does not apply to enterprise licenses.

Use a coupon for Conduktor


The new pricing model for Conduktor is based off a yearly license, updates included, with different tiers:

  • the free version of Conduktor will allow you to use clusters made of 1 broker. This will enable you to evaluate Conduktor and perform your day-to-day development tasks, usually against localhost.
  • the individual license for Conduktor comes in two flavors. If you’re only using the PLAINTEXT security mode, you can use the Developer License ($150). If you are using a security mode, such as SSL or SASL, you must use the Professional License ($300). These licenses are individual and linked to an email address of your choosing, the one you use to log into Conduktor.
  • the enterprise license for Conduktor allows you to manage big teams and licenses in bulk. We can link a license to an email domain name * and offer you the option to have a dynamic number of users over time, as we know your teams and needs change often. To obtain an enterprise license, please contact us.

You can find a summary of all the pricing options at

Conduktor Pricing Table

Documentation Website

We have started documenting the features of Conduktor and will do our best to keep the documentation updated over time. We want to be able to address the common questions you may have for Conduktor (usually around setup, and connection to Kafka), and also show you video tutorials of how these features work.

Check out our documentation website and let us know if you like it!

Application Improvements

You can download Conduktor 2.0 here and also view all the changes directly from our changelog page.

A Sturdier Desktop Application

We have done a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make Conduktor more stable and enterprise-ready. We have listened to all your feedback, and incorporated it. Thanks for your support on this!

  • a new way to package, release and update Conduktor. We will not force updates on your anymore and you will be able to roll-back to any previous version.
  • support for enterprise internet proxy, so that you can easily launch, login and update Conduktor
  • Conduktor now supports a much newer version of our underlying JavaFX framework, which includes bug fixes (including this nasty Mac OS X bug), support for dark mode.
  • when a new version is released, we will display the list of changes that you will get from upgrading.

Conduktor Changelogs

New Features

We are delighted to bring on newer features to Conduktor 2.0, and will keep on adding them over time. These include:

  • Support for Kafka Streams application: view and monitor your Kafka Streams applications directly from within Conduktor. Get insights about their performance, and get the ability to reset them on the fly.
  • A tool to create Avro schema from JSON data. Another one to check the compatibility between Avro schemas and Subjects.
  • It’s now possible to extract the different views of Conduktor as CSV or JSON
  • The consumer view now includes dynamic columns, including header values. You can also choose which columns to display in tabular view.
  • The last write metrics by topics/partitions system has been totally reworked to be reliable and auto-updated.
  • We can consume multiple topics at once; we also reduced the memory consumption.
  • Misc upgrades about the Schema Registry and schemas management.
  • If you have an internet proxy, you can configure it directly within Conduktor.
  • Many, many, many bugs fixed!

Conduktor Pricing Table

And this is just the start! We are excited for what comes next, and can’t wait to announce the future improvements of Conduktor 2.0.

A question? A comment? Feel free to contact us!