Updates in Conduktor 1.5.1!

Advanced Console features, Truststore configuration for SSL/TLS connections and much more
November 18th, 2022

We have released version 1.5.1 of Conduktor. This version brings a huge number of platform wide & solution specific upgrades. See the image below that demonstrates how to update your topics configuration from within the Console.


Features ✨

  • Platform

    • Add support of external S3 storage for monitoring data. see documentation
    • Add support of custom Truststore configuration for SSL/TLS connections. see documentation
    • SSO : Add more configuration parameters for LDAP connection. see documentation
  • Console

    • Consumer Groups - Reset Offsets: New "datetime" strategy to choose when to reset the offsets to
    • Consumer Groups: You can now duplicate a Consumer Group
    • Topics configuration: You can now update your Topics configuration
    • Topics configuration: You can now reset your Topics configuration
    • IAM support: Our io.conduktor.aws.IAMClientCallbackHandler class used to configure IAM in the Platform now complies with the "credentials provider chain" mechanism of AWS.
      It'll first try to find your credentials/role on your machine, as software.amazon.msk.auth.iam.IAMClientCallbackHandler would do. If nothing is found, then it'll use our mechanism. For more info, see documentation.
      To summarize, our io.conduktor.aws.IAMClientCallbackHandler class can now be used as a drop-in replacement of software.amazon.msk.auth.iam.IAMClientCallbackHandler in your Kafka properties:
properties: |
  sasl.jaas.config=software.amazon.msk.auth.iam.IAMLoginModule required;
  • Testing

    • Added a structured summary in console at the end of executions
    • AWS IAM : default credential chain compliance
  • Monitoring

    • It's now possible to select a custom date/time range via the calender selection
    • Number of messages in / s is now available even without configuring a jmx agent
  • Admin

    • The clusters UI now supports read/write/delete (cluster, schema registry, kafka connect)
    • The clusters configuration int the configuration file can be used as a 1st initialization but is not mandatory anymore to create clusters

Fix 🔨

  • Platform

    • Remove unused configuration fields (auth.local-users[].groups and slack-token )
  • Console

    • Create Topic form: The replication factor was not aligned with the Cluster configuration
    • Create Topic form: Improve error handling
    • CTRL+F is now working in the data viewers
    • Consumer Group: When "Overall Lag" and/or "Members" values were 0, they were displayed as N/A
    • Sometimes, in the top-level bar of the app, your Clusters were reported as "Not connected" while they were connected
    • Sometimes, when producing Avro data, an "Invalid JSON returned. Please try again" error was incorrectly displayed, and the produced data was not correctly displayed
  • Testing

    • Fix agent connectivity hanging when using multiple instances of an agent
    • Fix menu tooltips being displayed behind the canvas
    • Fix loader not being centered
    • Fix Text4Shell CVE from org.apache.commons.commons-text-1.9
  • Data Masking

    • Fix the creation rule form when a lot of field are added. The "create button" stay accessible now.