Env Variables & Testing Improvements in 1.2.0!

See what's inside the latest version of Conduktor
October 28th, 2022

Conduktor 1.2.0 brings the ability to override platform configurations through environment variables. Additionally, there is new functionality in Testing that supports loading data from S3, and a new node for comparing records across multiple Kafka topics.

Load CSVs from S3 Compatible Storage

Previously it was only possible to load a file from a location that was local to your testing Agent. This new option for loading data from S3 into a test scenario brings much more flexibility. Specifically, it unlocks a more appropriate method for loading external files in automated tests that run in your CI/CD pipeline.

Features ✨

  • Platform
  • Testing
    • Simplify source selection in checks. Rather than remember the full jq prefix, we now provide a helper for the different data attributes you might want to test (message key, value, headers etc.)
    • Add support of S3 in LoadCSV task
    • Add a comparison data node that allows you to compare data across records consumed from 2 or more distinct topics.

Fix 🔨

  • Platform
    • Fix links in the help menu
    • Enable solutions in the solution switcher to open in new tab
    • Use the intercom widget on feedback tab
  • Console
    • Accept certificate chains in Kafka properties
    • Quick search in data tables is now case insensitive
    • Produce - partition selection dropdown was not working
    • Kafka Connect - Improve connector definition validation
  • Testing
    • Accept certificate chains in Kafka properties
  • Monitoring
    • Lag metrics now work with TLS
    • Clusters are now displayed as within other apps
  • Data masking
    • Fix masking delete policy
    • Align policies table with Platform UI standards