Conduktor release 1.12.1!

RBAC Support for Kafka Connect, mTLS support for Schema Registry and more! ✨
February 24th, 2023

Conduktor 1.12.1

We have released version 1.12.1 of Conduktor. This version contains RBAC support for Kafka Connect, and provides mTLS support for Schema Registry! For the full list of improvements and fixes see below.

Pull the latest version now:

docker pull conduktor/conduktor-platform:latest


Important changes ❗

  • This version will delete existing user-defined alerts as the data in Cortex changed significantly with the switch towards agent-less monitoring

Features ✨

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  • Platform

    • Remove the default 'localhost:9092' cluster from Admin when starting Platform
    • Remove extra local user from default platform configuration
    • Print configuration resolution at platform startup if CDK_ROOT_LOG_LEVEL or PLATFORM_STARTUP_LOG_LEVEL are set to DEBUG. See configuration properties and environment variables
    • Added missing EXPOSE directive with default platform port 8080 to the Dockerfile
  • Console

    • RBAC: Support for Kafka Connect. See docs
    • Schema registry: Support mTLS connection for Confluent schema registry. See docs
    • Schema registry: Support SSL truststore configured via advanced properties
    • Indicate if configuration entries of brokers are read-only
  • Monitoring

    • Monitoring is now moving to agent-less. Once you add a cluster in Admin, it will be monitored without any additional configuration. See here for more information.
  • Admin

    • RBAC: Support specifying permissions for Kafka Connect
    • Cluster: Add mTLS configuration for confluent schema registry
    • Cluster: Configure the SSL auth by importing JKS

Fix 🔨

  • Console

    • Fix plain text connection with RedPanda clusters and Conduktor proxy
    • Fix interaction between uploaded certificates and clusters configured with JKS truststore
    • AWS Glue: Warn when schema creation fails due to incompatibly with previous version
    • If the last used cluster no longer exists, we fallback to the first cluster in the list
    • When creating a topic, we now validate the topic name directly in the UI
    • Consumer: Fix blank screen when trying to open an Avro message