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Console 1.18 brings rich filters, Kafka ACLs, and Service Accounts

Learn whats new in Console v1.18. We’ve overhauled how we explore data in our Kafka UI and how we manage Kafka ACLs and Service Accounts.

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Julien Chanaud
September 15th, 2023
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As one of the major Kafka UI on the market, we strive to make our products very easy and beautiful to use. UX matters to us, and we are always looking for ways to improve it. Here are some of the new features included in our latest release: Conduktor Console v1.18.

User Friendly Filters ✨# 

We have completely revamped our filtering UX on the Consume page to align more with your day-to-day use cases. Now, you can search your topics by combining any of the following filtering mechanisms.

Simple Filters# 

Search for any text in your messages, either in your Key or Value, using basic operators like “equals” or “contains”:

Simple Filters

Field Filters# 

Find values from specific fields if your message is JSON, Avro, or Protobuf. Operators can match the selected field type:

Field Filters

Advanced Filters# 

When you require more complex rules, Advanced Filters will give you the full JS power to construct your custom filters:

Advanced Filters

New Design for Service Accounts & Kafka ACLs# 

We’ve overhauled Kafka ACLs and service account management. Visualize, create, and edit your Kafka ACLs right within the UI with a simple but powerful design. Pair this with our market-leading RBAC capability to empower only those that need it.

Service Accounts ACLS 1.

Service Accounts ACLS 2

Reduced Memory Footprint# 

As a result of our improvements to our internal architecture, we are happy to share that we have lowered our hardware requirements.
Visit our System Requirements page to see the changes.

Important changes to our internal architecture ❗# 

We are cleaning up our Docker image to give you a simpler, lighter, and more operable product.

  • We have extracted the 'Storage & Alerting' aspect of the Monitoring Solution from the base Console image and moved it to a dependency image

If you didn't use Monitoring, no further action is required from your part. If you used Monitoring, read the documentation to understand how to deploy and configure the dependency image conduktor/conduktor-platform-cortex:1.18.0

  • We have removed the embedded Postgres Database from the Docker image
  • We have removed Testing from the base image
  • We have rewritten our authentication module. If you have any issue with authentication using LDAP or OIDC with this new release Contact Conduktor Support


These are just some of the new features included with the release of Conduktor Console v1.18. To get the entire list of updates, which includes new regular expression functions, please refer to the detailed changelog.

About Conduktor# 

Conduktor equips Developers and DevOps to save time and avoid creating a global mess by preventing it from happening in the first place, and improve your overall Kafka reliability and efficiency.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that it gave you some ideas for your Kafka infrastructure. Contact us if you want to discuss your use cases. We are Kafka experts and want to build out-of-the-box and innovative solutions for enterprises using Apache Kafka, so we are very interested in your feedback.

We aim to accelerate Kafka projects delivery by making developers and organizations more efficient with Kafka.