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Observability - Alerting

Kafka alertsthat make sense

Out-of-the-box alerts that provide clear remediation plans.

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What is Monitoring
without Alerting?

Conduktor alerts are easy to setup and communicate in a language that everyone can understand, giving you fewer headaches and better responsiveness.

  • Feature
    Easily Integrated

    Setup in seconds without the need to build integrations with your existing monitoring and alterting tools.

  • Feature
    Clear notifications

    Get real time notifications that alert you to potential problems in advance so that you can avoid outages and critical failures.

  • Feature

    Each graph and metric is shipped with a detailed explanation of what it is, how it works, and why it matters.

Understandable alerts

Conduktor provides alerts that anyone can understand, because we understand your needs and stressors. Conduktor is built by Apache Kafka experts with real experience.

  • Real-time, in-depth alerts that highlight the path forwards

  • Let your team sleep soundly and only deal with what really matters


Active intelligence

Understand the metrics that matter most to your Kafka infrastructure with detailed alerts and dashboards that help you to understand performance.

  • Paired with Conduktor's monitoring, we know the metrics that really matter to Kafka and deliver them to you

  • They are handcrafted, pre-defined, and ready-to-go


Instant setup

Conduktor Monitoring and Alerting require a handful of simple steps, and you're ready to go. No fuss, no time, just oversight.

  • Add a Prometheus agent to your brokers

  • ... and you're done!


The proactive solution to

Every Kafka System

You'll be stunned by how easy monitoring and alerting can be with Conduktor.
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